Becomeing a priestess must give up her virginity

In Rome, the embodiment of the fire was Vesta, the symbol of moral order. Here the yawning gap between the practices attested in the fifth century B. In that sense she may be as "God-like" as a man; and a given women much more so than a given man. The form of the upper garment is here well seen. Nor must you get the idea that we know everything they did. Connelly's suggestion, however, that the Archaic marble kore statues from the Athenian Acropolis were kanephoroi who originally supported gold and silver baskets on their heads is another matter. Nor can you daff it aside by saying that local and temporary conditions condemned women to silence and private life.
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Word Origin & History

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The Church claims to be the bearer of a revelation. The chastity of the Vestals was considered to have a direct bearing on the health of the Roman state. Female shamans in Siberia often choose to use a staff rather than a drum. Chapter 3 deals with four "priesthoods of prominence": Apparently, the presence of an epidemic epidemia: In short, Rome maintained at all times, in the institution of the Vestal Virgins, both perfect priestesses who, if needed, were at-the-ready perfect victims for the ultimate sacrifice. Paradoxically, after her death, the executed Vestal Virgin was thought to guard the city she had betrayed.
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Bryn Mawr Classical Review

But they are religions quite different in character from Christianity. They also performed sacrifice and other religious services. Vestal Virgins 6th Century B. In the minds of the ancient Greek men who wrote down the myths we are now familiar with, the only acceptable way for Artemis to avoid intercourse permanently was to remain a parthenos eternally, and thus never be bound by the responsibilities of a wife to bear children. Suppose he says that we might just as well pray to "Our Mother which art in heaven" as to "Our Father". Women that were chosen for this role were of wealth and when they are picked, they are a children.
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Sign In Don't have an account? Many models are related in complementary and hierarchical ways. We have discovered in one profession after another that women can do very well all sorts of things which were once supposed to be in the power of men alone. Yet we are so much more than that! The group clapping and verbal soundings are part of the shared experience. However, ritual measures had to be taken to overlay an aura of guilt on the victim in order to engage the unanimity of the society toward the sacrifice. Thus we hear from ancient times about their oldest origins.
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