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Paulie, like Reggie is classed as a 'normal' budgie and they follow the sexing rules you would expect. I didn't find any explanation of this phenomenon in the literature or on the internet so far. I have two budgies myself Clarence and Clive I have had them for just over 7months but was never sure if they were male or female. Sexing can certainly be confusing so I've tried my best to clarify it as much as possible. Once you know the general rule for recognising boys and girls it's really quite simple - not necessarily easy as some birds decide to mess with us, but if you make sure you are looking for the right colours it's not too difficult. Note that even though you can check for fertility, it's usually best not to disturb the expectant mom too much or she might abandon the nest. I was very impressed with the efforts you took to explain and help people like me first time owners understand the gender of our lil budgies.
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The ceres of both sexes look very similar at the first view. Proper maintenance of the beak can become difficult in captivity. Just because you have a male and female doesn't mean they will get along. The link below shows the list of bird species that are able to be sex-tested by one of the companies providing this DNA sexing service. They told me that the male would bond to himself in the mirror and not mate. I can't remember where I read it - it was just that one sentence - not very useful, but if you are ever faced with this problem, ask your vet.
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How to tell the Gender & Age of a Budgie | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum

Welcome to Budgies follow us. Toys like mirrors and swings can also come in handy. Some people believe that mirrors discourage budgies from learning to talk, but no conclusive studies have been performed. And if you want to breed parakeets, you will definitely need to be able to tell if a parakeet is male or female. The cere usually begins to change before one year of age but appears relatively ambiguous. However, if you want to avoid conflicts between breeding pairs, or if you have limited space, you may keep them in pairs. Welcome to Budgies
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There are usually four to six eggs, and females lay one egg every two days or so. Don't over complicate Budgie sexing! Nest boxes come in many sizes and designs, and they're usually designated for specific breeds so you should select one marked for parakeets. You can't place human gender stereotypes on to budgies - it does not work - at all! It is fine to mate father-daughter pairs and mother-son pairs. Sometimes the birds will pair up on their own out of a larger flock, but if you want to breed selectively to produce specific colors and patterns, you can select the male and female you want to pair.
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