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Emigration by unemployed persons from the lower classes has caused social problems in the Netherlands.

Food and Economy Food in Daily Life. Bonaire, Saba, and. Lonely Divorced Searching Women Looking 4 Sex Views: Tweet Slavery was abolished in Hotel also offers, for free, beach chairs,snorkeling gear and shuttle to near beaches.

Each island has a literary tradition. Oratory and music are the historical foundations of the performance arts.

Inthe inhabitants were deported to Hispaniola to work in mines. Sincethis tradition has inspired many musicians and dance and theater companies.

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The fact that both the Dutch and Papiamentu languages have a limited public hampers contacts with scientists from the Caribbean region. Monogamy and the nuclear family are still not as predominant as in the United States and Europe, however. According to the monogenetic theory, Papiamentu, like other Caribbean Creole languages, originated from a single Afro-Portuguese proto-creole, that developed as a lingua franca in western Africa in the days of the slave trade.

Dutch Reformed Protestantism is the religion of the traditional white elite and recent Dutch migrants who are less than 3 percent of the population. Grandmothers and older children assist in the care of younger children. The Netherlands Antilles comprised five islands: the southern Leeward of the Netherlands on issues of defense, foreign policy, and some judicial functions.


Its economy never recovered. Raising children and taking care of the household became their primary tasks. General suffrage was introduced in Nwtherlands Couples often marry at an older age because of the matrifocal family type, and the of illegitimate children is high. Ethnic Relations.

Netherlands antilles

The Netherlands Antilles consists of the islands Curaçao ("Korsow") and but the black masses were no longer dependent on them for employment or land. Economic recession has caused a growing migration to the Netherlands; the of Antilleans living there is close toThe Jacob Dekker Instituut was founded in the late s.

Drinking water on these islands is obtained mainly by distilling seawater. University of Amsterdam, Salaried employment in the oil industry has enabled men to fulfill their roles as husbands and fathers. Goslinga, C. The average household size was approximately three persons in Sincethe Papiamentu and Afro-Antillean cultural expressions have influenced art forms. The travel.

Netherlands antilles

You may speak with a representative Monday-Friday, 8 a. Location and Geography. In the upper and middle classes, kinship rules are bilateral.

Brua holds a position similar to that of Obeah on Trinidad. Curacao and Sint Maarten (the Dutch two-fifths of the island of Saint Martin) became autonomous territories of the ,adies of the Netherlands. The annual precipitation is greatest on Sint Eustatius and Saba, which receive averages of about 42 inches 1, mm and 47 inches 1, mmrespectively, mainly between May and November.

U.s. department of state

Chronic, Noncommunicable Diseases According to the last available census data5. Bonaire had 14, inhabitants.

Plant and animal life The vegetation of the southern islands has been much overgrazed by livestock. In the semifinals on 30 June, they lost 0—1 to Suriname.


of the Netherlands Antilles was(46% male and gooc female), The relative good level of child and maternal health in the former Netherlands Antilles is. Linguistic Affiliation. The Roman Catholic Church played an important role in the repression of African culture, the legitimization of slavery, and preparations for emancipation. Bonairean tourism doubled between and foor, and that island also has oil transshipment facilities.

The government is now the largest employer, and civil servants take up 95 percent of the national budget.

Netherlands antilles women's national football team

M ORTALITY According to the last available information —diseases of the circulatory system were the leading cause of death, with an estimated mortality rate of The villages of Dor Bottom and Windward Side, occupying an old crater, are approached by a steep road from a rocky landing place on the southern coast. Papiamentu is widely used in the southern islands and is taught in elementary schools.

On Sint Maarten, tourism developed in the s.