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Frightened, she decided to take a detour through the Center's Old Campus entrance, she said.

Yes means anal! The complaint, filed on March 15, has not been made public.

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Advertisement You know, I love a bit of ironic humor, and I know that us women, with all of our demands and menstrual-y mood swings can be tough characters to figure out, but for any men out there wondering, you can be safe in the assumption that you shouldn't ever call us sluts. Vice President Joseph R. But someone needs to school them, whether through a lawsuit, public outcry, or something a little more than a slap on the wrist. So, can school administrators find the spine to stand up to the agitators on their campuses and impose some standards of sexual decency?

Letriz added that the Intercultural Affairs Council, implemented this fall, was created in part to deal with issues of race and gender bias which came to light in the Zeta Psi incident.

Ahn said. Freshmen are welcomed to the university with mandatory orientation seminars that include discussions of flavored lubricants and a demonstration on how to put a condom on a wooden phallus.

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Meghan Clyne is managing editor of National Affairs. It's kinda like how white people can't say "nigger. Advertisement Not only that, it was only after they were threatened with the possibility of a lawsuit that the men in Zeta Psi managed to cough up a lame excuse for an apology. There's no two ways about it: They were intentionally being dicks. Ultimately, this is just a Yaoe of smart kids acting stupidly.

On the night of Jan. Andrew Sullivan for The New York Times In interviews, some undergraduates said the administration had become bogged down in confidentiality rules and its own tortuous procedures, missing a bigger truth about the Yalle of women, who make up slightly more than half of the student body.

Those chants were disgusting, of course. The complaint alleges a range of acts against women, from taunts to assaults, over seven years.

As someone who openly refers to herself as a "slut" and throws the term around rather lovingly, I have to say that it's not as benign when used by everyone. Maybe we should feel sorry for Yale after all. But I say: hell yes it's harassment!

How yale became a sexual cesspool

The private cases are even more problematic, officials said, with victims often not wanting to go to the police or even a disciplinary board. Biden Jr.

The center has not been redone. She said that a Yale friend was raped during her first month on campus inand that she knew of others who had been Grannu assaulted. The contents of this oral report were not publicly disclosed, though Letriz said the Zeta Psi incident was not discussed specifically. The Yale administration has responded swiftly, saying it had zero tolerance for sexual misconduct aluts announcing the creation of a university-wide committee to streamline a disciplinary process that is now handled differently at each of its schools.

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That little stunt was a pledge prank for the school's Zeta Psi fraternity, and the Women's Wluts is now taking legal action against the frat for sexual harassment. Suddenly, however, these episodes have the campus in a state of high alert. Yale officials said they had not seen the complaint, and were trying to obtain it through a Freedom of Information Act request.

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Charest publicly apologized for the incident in a letter sent to the News last January. And the photo wasn't an isolated incident. Miller said ssluts efforts to discipline students for the chants last fall were continuing; a faculty fact-finder has filed a report, she said, and the case will be resolved by the end of the semester. These are the shrinking violets shocked that a bunch of frat guys would gather around their front door crassly chanting about sex.

University administrators said they have implemented measures, such as the Intercultural Affairs Council, to deal with bias issues that may arise in the future, in addition to considering changes to official regulations.

A graduate who ed the complaint — Presca Ahn, a Fulbright scholar in London — said in a phone interview that one of those cases involved an undergraduate who had been sexually assaulted. The ruling failed to end debate on the issue; perhaps time will. The real blame falls on those who should have known better: the adults of Yale officialdom. Most do not go to the administration Grannu all: Studies show that nationwide, more than 90 percent of college students who are sexually assaulted do not tell anyone in authority.

Yale university "sluts" strike back at sexist frat boys

Miller wrote. In the following weeks, the center pushed for policy reforms at the University level and considered legal action against Zeta Psi. For its part, Zeta Psi has said little since the incident. Some victims prefer to deal with sexual harassment informally — having a male student moved to another dorm, for example.

The question of whether or not this was indeed harassment has been raised, since it was "just a joke" and the men never came in contact with any women.