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Massage or drink and movie

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I'm studying history and philosophy, I love books and and I have a passion for thrift storesflea markets.

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The waitresses offer to go next door and get you any drink you want from Starbucks, a generous pour of wine, fancy juice drinks, sodas, cupcakes, cookies, or other snacks. Your seats are basically hi-tech beds, big enough for two, covered in lustrous fabrics with a shiny duvet and posh pillows beautifully laid over them. A whole restaurant will specialize in something amazing, like dumplings.

BTS Chid Wnd. Obviously, this kind of movie experience isn't something you do every weekend but definitely something to consider when you want to impress someone.

Embassy diplomat screens

With a great setting like this, it's easy to get lost movi the celluloid magic in front of you. I decided to save my popcorn and soft drink for the movie. Of course, you can pay for the movie with all the extras for less than that, but if you think of this as a convenient package consisting of a dinner date and movie with attentive services, this isn't such an outrageous offer. The difference between MX4D and others of its kind is that you can truly immerse yourself into the movie with the addition of scent to the 4D experience.

Thai foot massage with movie

Our family loves to go to the movies, and since many of the big ticket movies are still produced in English, we are able to continue to go to theaters around the world. Each branch comes equipped with degree adjustable reclining armchairs, a blanket and Msssage. They specialize in my favorite foods, and the choices were paralyzing.

There's a USB slot to recharge it while you're enjoy the movie. In the food court, I felt like Maszage little kid at Christmas. Want something of better value?

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They were big round comfy thrones that when you flushed them, the bowl filled with happy bubbles and a fresh scent. Each bed is also equipped with -- ahem -- a butler button which you press when you want to summon a service. Alcoholic beverages are available at an additional cost. BTS Phloen Chit. Then we had an extended adventure trying to find a reasonably fair taxi ride home.

Thai Foot Massage with Movie DayBangkok, Thailand Bangkok offers a broad range of shopping experiences, from the crowded weekend Chatuchak market, to MBK which combines a market Massags with smaller stall like stores and larger well known brands. A two-seat bed seat costs B4, per couple. Deed by award-winning architect Diego Granda, the lounge 2. The Inception-esque sequences of Doctor Strange looked fly on the big screen with the surround sound -- I wasn't so crazy on the "climax", though.

I gladly would have stayed there and eaten my way around the food Massagf. Then select one dish, two drinks one alcoholic drink and one soft drink or two soft drinks and your flavour of popcorn from the menu provided. If you are a movie buff, this is something you have to do at least once in your life. If you can afford to splurge, this is where you can turn your usual movie viewing into an A-list experience.

But the movie was about to start. Well, unless the film super sucks.

Enigma: The Shadow Screen at Paragon Cineplex has recently been revamped to stay ahead of the curve of hi-end cinemas in Bangkok. But I was told there were other things to do. In the brand new sound-proof Heineken Room, knock back a few without missing a minute of the movie or annoying your fellow cinema goers. There is a call button so you can order snacks, drinks, entire meals, and they are brought to your seat.

Massage, meal and movie

It was like a complex wine but in popcorn. After a short walk on a carpeted walkway -- like a VIP -- you'll arrive at the entrance of Enigma Massate various perks await you inside its exclusive lounge. The chairs in the theater are in pairs of huge comfy recliners, with a pillow and blanket. You start by entering through a grand entrance into a section for only VIP goers. Even the toilets were posh.

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You can choose to enjoy them in the lounge or inside the theatre. You may want to jump right into it but there are slippers provided so you won't get any dirt from your shoes on them. But a six hundred percent mark up is approaching unreasonable.

The girls said they felt like the first family of Thailand. Tickets include all-you-can-eat canapes and snacks at the lounge before movie time. Never before have I wanted to linger in a stall watching bubbles and smelling the air.