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People are still having sex Look Hookers

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People are still having sex

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Do you understand me?

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In a downtown condo, or street in the projects. They've been told not to, perhaps they are perplexed.

Syill the album edit of the song, the lyrics were originally written as "This AIDS thing's not working". People are still having sex x4 Sex. It hasn't gone out of style.

It's a fact that people are still having sex. Parents and counselors, constantly scorn them.

Content[ edit ] The song features a monologue expounding the narrator's observations that "people everywhere" are "still having sex"; no matter how authority figures such as parents and counselors try, and despite the risk posed by AIDS[1] "nothing seems to stop them". Have you noticed, that people are still having sex?

People are still having sex! People are still having sex. The song is built around an instrumental background and also includes a male voice speaking various lines.

The evidence is all around. Someone in this world is having sex right now.

Nothing makes them stop. But people are still having sex and nothing seems to stop them.

People are still having sex

The music was one of the only one of her programs to be included in the film I, Tonyawhere hsving program was recreated by actress Margot Robbie. LaTour's live face is seen at the left of the screen during his speaking parts, while animation occupies the rest of the screen. That everyone in every town has had it one time, or another in their life.

The video of the song was featured on the animated MTV series Beavis and Butt-headon the episode "Temporary Insanity", which aired on December 10, It was changed to "This safe thing's not working" for radio airplay. This aids things not working.

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Do you realize that people are still having sex? It's been going on for quite awhile. All the denouncement, had absolutely no effect. Perhaps it's quite fashionable. In popular culture[ edit ] The song was used by American figure skater Tonya Harding for her short haaving in the — season, including at the Olympic Winter Games in Albertville.

Although you can't see them or hear their breathing sounds. When you see them holding hands, they're making future plans to engage in the activity. Music video[ edit ] The song's music video features animation and features various animated backgrounds, some of which relate to the song's topic.

It's rather obvious, it's just what one expects. Lust keeps on lurking. At this very moment people are still having sex.