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Use these according to the instructions on the packet or label say do not exceed the recommended dose. This list will be updated as the reopening described above comes into effect. However, you should advise your children to maintain social distancing, wash their hands regularly and limit social interaction outside of these formal activities with anyone you do not live with. It is important to maintain social distancing and good hand hygiene in these circumstances.

It needs to be clear whether or not figures for the total of tests performed, or the of people thee, include negative testas well as the of tests that are pending. Through our close work with the sectors and public health experts, we have been looking into ways to safely re-open large venues, such as sports stadiums, to the public.

durnig In addition to those guidelines, the following principles should be observed to ensure you meet people in a way that minimises the risk of spreading infection: limit the time you spend interacting with people from outside your household or support bubble to the activity which you are partaking in limit the of different activities which you partake in succession to reduce the potential chain of transmission follow strict social distancing guidelines from people outside your household or support bubble group size should be limited to the minimum which allows the activity to take place if organising an activity, you should carry out a COVID risk assessment to identify actions which could minimise the risk of transmission.

Unless otherwise provided for in the yhe terms of the booking, you will be expected to pay the costs of an extended stay in all but exceptional circumstances. If that individual becomes symptomatic, everyone in the support bubble must then isolate.

If others develop symptoms within the 14 days, they need to stay at home for 10 that they are sure they are not going to get ill and pass the illness on to others outside the If you can, use a separate bathroom from the rest of the household. However where this is not possible, you can use public transport or drive. Travel advice includes information on any health measures in place for visitors to the country or territory.

Including such data in our counts when it is available would reduce the comparability of our data across countries. For example, the English Cricket Board has published guidance here and the FA has published guidance here.

Coronavirus (covid): guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection

Last updated 21 August — see all updates If you have symptoms of coronavirus, however mild, you should self-isolate for at least 10 days from when your Surgical masks or respirators used by healthcare and other workers as part of It is the law that you must wear a face covering when travelling in England on. You will still be able to get: local volunteer support by contacting your local authority prescriptions, essential items and food you buy delivered by NHS Volunteer Responders priority slots for supermarket deliveries if you ly registered for free food parcels.

Team sports that do not have approved guidance should not be played if you cannot socially distance from people you do not live with. Schools and colleges have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas where social distancing cannot be safely managed, if they believe that it is right in their particular circumstances.

If you live with others

Yes, day trips to outdoor open space are allowed. Pay special attention to frequently touched areas. To help guide users and producers of testing data, we provide the following checklist of questions. Where the enforcing authority, such as the Health xuring Safety Executive or your local authority, identifies employers who are not taking action to comply with the relevant public health legislation and guidance to control hsed health risks for example, not completing a new risk assessment taking the risk of COVID, or taking insufficient measures in responsethey will consider a range of actions to improve control of workplace risks.

What is self-isolation?

The symptoms are:. You do not need to wear a face covering if you have a legitimate reason not to. For example, on public transport and from July 24, in shops and supermarketspeople must wear a face covering, as it is not always possible to dyring 2m apart. Failure to comply is a criminal offence, which can lead to fines or imprisonment for up to two years, giving the COVID Secure guidelines indirect legal enforceability.

Avoid using public transport in order to reduce the spread of daj virus. If attending a place or event that is following COVID Secure guidelines, you should take care to limit your interactions with anyone outside of your group and you should continue to maintain social distancing from those that you do not live with.

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The day period starts from the last time they were in contact with the symptomatic person. If you are in a support bubble you aechother continue to see each other without Can I use public transport if I'm seeing friends in a park or going to my parents' garden? As more children return to school, we require new safety standards to set out how schools and early years settings can be adapted to operate safely.

From 1 September: schools, nurseries and colleges will open for all children and young people on a full-time basis universities are working to reopen as fully as possible From 1 October, if prevalence remains around or below current levels: we will bring back audiences in stadiums, and allow conferences and other business events to recommence in a COVID Secure way In November, our ambition is to scale back remaining social distancing measures, but this is contingent on a of factors, including consideration of the specific challenges as we move into winter.

The premises will limit capacity based on how many people it can safely accommodate with social distancing in place, and we advise that funerals are limited to a maximum of 30 people. Because the reporting of tests can take several days, for some countries figures for the last few days may not yet be complete. These include how to keep as many people as possible safely apart from those they do not live with in various workplace settings.

You should think about where to sit at a table with this in mind - the premises should also take reasonable steps to help you do so in line with COVID secure guidelines.

When to self-isolate

Employers and staff should discuss and agree working arrangements. If you do not wear a face covering in these settings you will be breaking the law and could be fined.

Face masks If you have a carer who visits your home, seee need to wear protective equipment to reduce the risk of catching the infection. You can check whether your area is in local lockdown here.

Coronavirus outbreak faqs: what you can and can't do

Use a dishwasher if you have one. You can also meet people in groups of more than six people if everyone is exclusively from two households anyone in the same support bubble counts as one household.

This is a personal choice, and is not necessary in law - you should not routinely be required to produce any written evidence to justify the fact you are not wearing a face covering. After the first offence, there will be no discount. It enables the isolation of those infected and the tracing and quarantining of their contacts.

You should self-isolate for 14 days from the last day you had contact with the person who tested positive, even if you remain well. This means that, in addition to the s, detailed descriptions are needed to make clear what the s precisely mean. You should only invite close friends and family, up to a maximum of 30 people where this can be eachothe accommodated with social distancing in place.

If you do not provide an accurate contact detail declaration — or do not update your contact detail eachotuer in the limited circumstances where you need to move to another place to self-isolate — you can be fined.

Coronavirus (covid): safer travel guidance for passengers

It is otherwise against the law for gatherings of more than 30 people to take place in private homes including gardens and other outdoor spaces. With the exception of the organisations listed in this guidance on closing businesses and venues, the government has not required any other businesses to close to the public — it is important for business to carry on. Waste disposal You can securely store personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths within disposable rubbish bags.

We do this for the following reasons: Our focus is on using testing data to help properly thf the eacyother we have on confirmed cases and deaths. Upon eacbother to the UK, you must by law self-isolate for 14 days, unless you have come from one of the countries listed here.