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Sam Loveday Hope The process of choosing the most inspiring women of Norfolk has been inspiring in itself. However, after tens of thousands of decent, intelligent and generous women have gone to their graves unsung and completely erased from historyby sheer arrogance and effort of will her name is still remembered. Those of her travelling companions who longed only for spiritual contemplation must have sometimes felt murderous.

She had to dictate it to various scribes and do it from memory alone so dare I say Nofolk its self-regarding accuracy is debateable. She never learnt to read at a time when reading was a normal accomplishment for any middle-class woman.

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My own feeling as to why she never learned is that she was Noffolk over-indulged and extremely wilful. Norfolk is full of tales to tell of influential women and the history that followed them, with countless museums, churches and beautiful seaside and countryside. You are heroes, all.

Kempe began life as Margery Brunham and was born in the town we now know as Kings Lynn in about this article to a friend To send a link to this you must be logged in. This means it was an excellent place to grow up a feminist. To the person who nominated her, that woman would be the most inspiring of them all and there could be no argument about that!

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It makes me wonder how many of them have actually read her book, The Book of Margery Kempe. Please contact organisers for further information, and see our Active At Home for ways to stay active at home. All around us are women who inspire us, who lift our mood, give us hope for the future, or whose stories make us feel that, when our lives are on the darker side, there are others who have gone before us and somehow made it into the light.

For looo, although I admit it through severely gritted teeth, I do admire her. You will note that Margery Kempe is not in this list.

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looo She had a lot of these visions, always self-justifying and always singularly prosaic. Edith Cavell Cavella nurse working in Brussels, was shot by a German firing squad on the morning of the 12th October, after being found guilty of treason for helping many soldiers, British, French and Belgian, out of German-occupied Belgium. Not having been gifted fot even the slightest facility for introspection every fawning word would have been regarded by her as the absolute truth.

Where there was any doubt, we looked to those who had received the most nominations from readers. Her early life, then, was privileged and comfortable and I suspect that it left her with a lifelong sense of entitlement. Wo,en are a 2-minute walk away from the lovely Norfolk Bro and a 5-minute drive to our gorgeous long sandy beaches where the seals live in their natural habitat.

Let's recognise and break down the barriers that are preventing women and girls from playing sport and being physically active. She travelled to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, northern Italy, Santiago de Compostela, Norway and northern Germany all the while crying and screaming and falling down in fits. InOlive and her sister set up a photographic studio in Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast, built by their architect Uncle Robert William Edis, who was Deputy Lieutenant for Norfolk from The work she began is carried on today by amazing organisations like Clean Break.

Cavell did what she thought was right without paying much attention to the kook. Active Neighbourhoods Due to the coronavirus outbreak activities and events are likely to be subject to cancellation or postponement at short notice. When men are looking to women for inspiration, we know we are getting somewhere. It is said she became a nurse after returning to Norwich from Belgium to care for her sick father; she was in Norwich when war broke out and returned to the continent, saying "at a time like this, I am more needed than ever".

Poor John Kempe had to give up sexual relations with her so that she could marry Jesus I aspire to have her level of Nofolk.

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I have never liked her and I have never respected her. The armies she raised destroyed Woomen Ninth Legion, Colchester and London, before being finally beaten by the Romans.

She travelled extensively and during a visit to Venice, en route to Jerusalem, she added another string to her saintly bow. So Boudicca lost in the end, but they never captured her, she died before they could. Contribute to the Norfolk Women in History Timeline!

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Her father was a wealthy business man who served as mayor five times and became a Member of Parliament. Elisabeth Fry Fry worked to improve prisons, abolish transportation and end slavery.

The hard thing for the sponsors and other judges has been choosing which of the women to make the final list of and, of course, it is impossible to distinguish between the women really - it's such a subjective thing and foe are we to really say that one woman is more inspiring than another? To find out more about the project, please. So who Norfllk the most inspiring women in Norfolk?

I had imagined this would be very much a womenfest - women celebrating women because, as I often say, if we don't, who else is going to?! As soon as we put it out there that we were looking for the women you most look up to in your community, we were inundated with suggestions, receiving around s and letters from readers keen to have their say.

With our sponsors, we worked on the basis that everyone chose their and then we picked those who received the most support from all the judges combined. She is regarded as one of the great English medieval mystics Norfolj many otherwise intelligent people and, in my opinion, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for falling for her brand of pseudo-religious claptrap.

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Fear of judgement is stopping many women from taking part in exercise Search for: Welcome to Breathing Space We are officially opening from 4th July and look forward to welcoming you back to Breathing Space. Come as strangers… leave as friends! I imagine that a cleric, hired to pass on his learning, would have been Wome nonplussed when faced with the infant Miss Brunham.